Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Biden insists 'All you need is a double-barrel shotgun';

everyone who's ever needed more than two shots to save their life was not asked for comment.

Also note this crap:
“No one’s banning guns,” Biden answered. “We’re talking about a background check.”
Listen, you corrupt little liar, Obama has REPEATEDLY called for bans on whatever he currently defines as 'assault rifles'; Feinstein has a whole bloody list of what all she wants to ban; Howler Cuomo and his minion in NY want to ban a bunch of things.  WE KNOW WHAT YOU CLOWNS WANT, including what the miserable little hoplophobes and gun bigots in Washington let out of the bag the other day: stop lying to us.

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Gerry N. said...

If the Ijits infesting WA Dee Cee stopped lying the Sun would never rise again, rivers would flow uphill and lambs would eat lions.