Thursday, February 21, 2013

Several years back the OKC crime lab wound up in SERIOUS trouble

when it turned out the jerk running it was playing games with evidence; the EffingBI crime lab got its collective ass handed to it for the same kind of crap; you'd think that'd make states very picky about checking out people working in their labs and their work...
Well, for one, she was lying about her Master’s Degree. UMASS has no record of Annie Dookhan taking graduate classes there. But that bit of creative resume building is pretty tame compared to allegations that forced her resignation, shuttered the laboratory, and ousted the state’s public health commissioner.

According to state prosecutors, Annie Dookhan falsified tests and mishandled evidence for years. And she admitted to it when police first questioned her in August. To make matters worse, she cannot remember which cases she shat the bed on. This calls into question every conviction that relied on evidence that Annie signed off on
This kind of crap cannot be tolerated.  Innocent people go to prison, guilty people don't, and everything the idiots touch is contaminated.

Throw in that when the FBI lab was caught playing games, the EffingBI did NOT put the word out to anyone who might have been caught up in it, oh no; only when someone(or their family or lawyer) specifically  went for the information did they get it("What?  Let all those people know about this?  Never, that'd be even more of a black eye for the Sacred Bureau!")  Which should be considered unethical at the least, but about what we've come to expect.  Unfortunately.

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