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For those who can't go there, a post from the Dutchman

'The Bielskis would spit in their faces'

"Without a rifle you are nothing, worthless, you are waiting for death, any minute, any second." - Aron Bielski
"My father sent my mother a revolver as a gift, which for her was the symbol of what any young girl wants in a marriage, this was for her the means to stay alive, to kill herself or to die fighting." -- Assaela Bielski
Kurt Hofmann comments on the latest kerfluffle between the ADL and other professional citizen disarmament advocates and NRA board member Scott Bach. Bach is being pilloried "for expressing surprise in a phone interview on NRA News that Mayor Fulop could be so rabidly anti-gun, given the fact that his grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Predictably, the 'progressives' cannot contain themselves, and are in full-throated anguished bleating meltdown mode."
I have never understood this willful denial of reality on the part of what according to polls is an overwhelming majority of America's Jews. Did they learn nothing from the Holocaust? Nothing from the Warsaw Ghetto? Nothing from the Bielski Brothers? Nothing from "Arbeit Macht Frei"? Nothing? As I quoted back in 2008 in a praxis post on strippers clips and ammunition packaging:
"I, myself, remained on the balcony and fired at the confused and embarrassed Germans with my Mauser. From my balcony, I could see them in all their helplessness and their loss of control. The air was full of wails and shouts. Many of them tried to run to the walls of the houses for cover but everything was barred and beyond that, death was pursuing them. In the noise, the fluster, and the cries of the wounded, we heard the astonished outcry of one of the Germans: 'Juden haben waffen! Juden haben waffen!' ('The Jews have arms!') . . .
The battle lasted for about a half an hour. The Germans withdrew and there were many corpses and wounded in the street." -- Recollection of the opening engagement on 19 April 1943 of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by Haim Frymer, Jewish Fighting Organization, quoted in Resistance by Israel Gutman, New York, 1994, pp. 206-207.
The central fact of the Holocaust (and every other government-monopoly-of-force exercise leading to genocide in the 20th Century) is the disarmament of the intended victims. Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership once said to me: "If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic."
Kurt concludes:
Bach, of course, never compared American "gun control" to the Holocaust. The fact remains, though, no matter how shrilly the gun ban zealots deny it, that genocidal tyranny is vastly more difficult--not to mention risky--against a people who are heavily armed and prepared to use those arms in their defense.
That's why those bent on genocidal tyranny insist on a "government monopoly on force." Is it not fair to ask, then, why the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Congressman Congressman Jerrold Nadler demand the same thing?
If anyone is "trivializing the Holocaust," it is those who wish to silence any who raise the alarm about policies that will make the next Holocaust more difficult to thwart.
Exactly. As I wrote back in 1999:
If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you do not want to go because of who you are or what you think -- kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent him. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate. For it is a universal truth that the intended victims always far outnumber the tyrant's executioners. Any nation which practices this lesson will quickly run out of executioners and tyrants, or they will run out of it.
The Gestapo at its peak "employed only about 40,000 individuals, including office personnel and the plain-clothes agents." Get that? 40 THOUSAND controlled a nation of 80 MILLION.
How? Because enough of the 80 million lacked the means of resistance and the will to use those means until it was too late. How Foxman of the ADL and others who make such a business of exploiting their sanitized version of the memory of the Holocaust expect anybody else who can read a history book to believe their citizen disarmament tripe is beyond me. The Bielskis would spit in their faces -- all the while keeping firm grips on their rifles.

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