Tuesday, December 17, 2013

That reaction may look outsized in the United States,

but the case touches on a string of issues that strike deeply in India, where the fear of public humiliation resonates strongly and heavy-handed treatment by the police is normally reserved for the poor. For an educated, middle-class woman to face public arrest and a strip search is almost unimaginable , except in the most brutal crimes.
Translation: "How dare you treat one of our noble class as if she were a common American!"

Being diplomatic, I won't speak my first response, which carries the letters 'f' and 'y' in there; I'll just say "Be pissed all you want; here the idea is that NOBODY is above or below the law, so deal with it."

What I do wonder: India is an ally that's at odds with Pakistan and also has problems with muslim terrorists; wonder if this administration decided to screw with them because of that?

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