Friday, December 20, 2013

Ed Shadid does NOT want to answer that question

Some of you may remember my quest to get Ed Shadid, who's running for OKC Mayor, to answer a question.

As of now, a month later, still no answer from asking the question on his website.  So I looked up his bookface page and asked that and another question:
First, when you were running for City Council a OCPD officer was shot by an illegal alien using a AR15 rifle, and Chief Citty stated that 'people who own such guns should have to register them.' Do you agree with Chief Citty? 

Second, are you accepting any donations or assistance from Mayors Against Illegal Guns or other such organizations?
That was earlier this morning; the question is still there, but there's no answer.  We'll see if get one.

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Bradley said...

not just no, But Hell No! One of the worst things about living in Hawaii, was that now there is a record of all the weapons i owned when i lived there.