Friday, December 20, 2013


like that 'ding!' from down the range...

The other day daughter mentioned one of her favorite memories: When the kids were small I found a steel plate about 8" square, made a couple of hooks and posts and used some chain to put it together for a swinging plate.  Got lots of use*.  The day in question just she and I had gone out to shoot, and we set that up at 50 yards and she sat down and proceeded to make it go 'Ding!   Ding!  Ding!' through about a box of .22s.  Decent group, too.

One of the memories that causes me to get seriously pissed off when some hoplophobic clown informs people that 'Children cannot be allowed hear those icky guns!'

*Yes, still have it.  Has a couple of holes in it, turns out that not only did that round each of .303 and 8x57 milsurp not bounce off, they didn't even make it move that much...

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