Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Future crime' my ass,

this has WAY too much potential for abuse, and I hope it goes to a higher court.

If he can show evidence/proof of this bullcrap, sue the ass off the school and her.

Hadn't seen this before: Tam points to a list of ways to spot possibly bad products, including
1.      If they want to sell you their expert help and the company website features a picture of a craptastic holster with a man’s finger on the trigger while the muzzle is still inside his holster, you should think very, very carefully before you rely on that company’s  expertise.
2.      If their ads show ridiculously fake ginormous explosions erupting behind camo clad warriors with their faces hidden by mirror-goggled helmets, and the ad copy says their product is the best because military and law enforcement use it, ask yourself whether you will be using it inside a military or law enforcement context – or, if you are a military or law enforcement buyer, ask yourself whether your team’s mission would be enhanced by making them jump like a half-tamed lions through a fake-explosion hula hoop on your training days. The product might be a good fit for your needs, but before you buy it, you should look for a more meaningful reason why you should.

Comment to a friend who was talking about the time it hit 68 below in Alaska: "68 below zero is not a temperature; it's hell with a frosting."

'Islamophobia!' my ass.

My, I'll bet this wasn't what he was expecting to get in the report:
The National Security Agency should be banned from attempting to undermine the security of the internet and stripped of its power to collect telephone records in bulk, a White House review panel recommended on Wednesday.
Not as far as this should go, but it's a start.

Proving again that 'gun control' is about control, nothing more
And harassment, and trying to create criminals.

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