Monday, December 14, 2009

Didn't see Palin's appearance on the O'Brian show,

have heard all about it. Apparently a bunch of lefties have been caught writing and saying things like "Well, I STILL don't like her politics, but she's got a sense of humor!" and similar heresies.

I have to admit to a lack of understanding on something: the actual hatred displayed toward Palin by so many 'feminists'. She was the target of a level of crap that was- and is in many cases- just flat amazing. And disgusting.

And her family... People who insisted that Chelsea Clinton not be mentioned(properly, when she was a kid), that Gore's kids not be spoken of(they even pushed this on adult kids involved in politics) at all, have attacked her kids viciously. Hell, they don't speak of the 9/11 hijackers and those who helped them with that kind of hatred. And I just do not understand this.

Said something about it to my daughter a while back, that if you disagree with someone's politics then work on that, but don't waste time and don't pretend to be doing something wonderful by repeating crap and lies(like the "I can see Russia from my bedroom" Tina Fey line that was spread as being from Palin). What we've seen directed at Palin is much like what was directed at Bush: flat-out attempts to destroy them(and other leftists lying about it later and pretending it didn't happen; remember that idiot Gibbs acting like there'd not been posters and puppets and whatever of Bush as a nazi and Hitler so he could act outraged about some of the anti-Obama signs?).

And to my mind the quote feminists endquote are the worst. Here's someone who is a wife and mother AND succeeded in politics, but she doesn't have the 'correct feminist' viewpoint so they want to destroy her. And the words they use show outright hatred. Why? Disagree with her politics, sure; but this is someone they should celebrate: not from the 'right' colleges, wife and mother and still went into politics: school board to mayor to a governor with an 80% approval rate from both sides. Instead they rage against her; I guess that "Feminism means women can succeed at whatever they choose" only holds if what you choose is lefty-'feminist' approved.

I mean, really, WHY? Not just the idiotic demonization of Palin, why do these clowns have such a desire to actually destroy anyone who opposes them, or even has the nerve to express a different viewpoint? It just makes no damn sense to poison your own life with this crap simply because someone doesn't agree with you. But the do. On and on and on.

I occurs to me that it's somewhat connected to the way the AGW True Believers don't want to argue science(i.e. facts and figures) with those who disagree, they have to paint them as the equivalent of Holocaust deniers and earth haters, and all the other bullshit.

Remember the friend I mentioned who's a TG? Last week, just as "Well, I have to pass this on, it's too damned important not to" I sent her a link to one of the news stories(this one) that had some background and pointed out that 'the science is NOT settled, and some of the people pushing this have not been playing by the rules'. Fronted with "I promise, last time I'll write anything on this."


The only thing she believed might be true in the piece was the bit from a AGW defender that 'most scientists agree' blah etc., and sent me a link to that bit when the EPA decided CO2 is a horrible pollutant that's destroying the planet(as if you could somehow have not seen it) with "See! The EPA says it's so!" Well, I apologized for bothering her with it, and she asked "Why does this bother you so much?" Along with a subtext of "Why don't you care what's happening to the planet?"

So I told her. Starting with 'I'll backtrack and write this one more thing', I told her that it bothered hell out of me that the scientific method was being perverted this way: hiding and destroying data, refusing to allow true peer review, attempting to ruin the careers of anyone who, whether a 'denier' or not, dared to demand the rules be followed. Well, the response to that was
I don't read anything except what agrees with my 'theory'
I get some of my information from BLOGS, and RIGHT-WING blogs at that!(apparently following a link from a blog to a story at the Times of London or New York Effin' Times or wherever automatically invalidates the article)
The entire state and ALL broadcast media is owned by the evil oil companies so only their line is parroted
The- well, hell, you know exactly what the rest was. Including Glenn Beck and Rush controlling my mind, WHY won't I believe the REAL scientists who aren't bought by Big Oil, every freakin' cliche you can think of.

No, I didn't answer them. Saw the first line of the first message, deleted it and sent back "I told you, I'm not writing you any more about this. Drop it." And then deleted the next half-dozen. Come ON, does anybody out there actually believe you don't see the AGW-pushers side of things? Basically every major media source pushes it daily, usually either ignoring or denigrating anyone who 'denies' it. What really bothered me the most, that was the line where she basically said I was incapable of looking up information and making up my own mind. That pissed me off. Oh, she insisted it wasn't my fault, it was because of 'the right-wing oil company control of the media' here; yeah, let's totally ignore that there innernet thingy that allows you to look at everything from newspaper sites to blogs to historical documents to actual documentation of information(real sciencey-stuff, really!) and say "Oh, you just don't know the facts because 'X' is all you hear, so it's not really your fault." You bet it pissed me off.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the disgusting hatred directed at Palin & family is much like the actions of the AGW True Believers: anyone who disagrees, anyone who even wants to see the raw data to check it out has to be silenced or ruined because they threaten OUR viewpoint. If you point to facts, you point to climatologists and physicists and meteorologists who disagree with AGW, why, they're not real scientists or they're bought off or they're something else disagreeable and should be shunned. And if you don't believe the Holy Writ of AGW it's because you're not capable of forming your own views and/or are controlled by the deniers who are controlled by Big Oil... It's enough to ruin your digestion.

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martywd said...

After my fourth attempt I finally managed to get all the way through Christopher Moncton's video (HotAir's QOTD, Dec 13, 10:38 in length) interview with the lady from Norway who holds great 'faith' in the AGW claims of Greenpeace.   As is the way, Lord Moncton's attempts to teach a pig to sing®, seemed to have failed as well?

FWIW, _now_ I really can feel your pain.