Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sen. Dick Durbin(Slanderer of Troops-IL) is a lying sack of crap

What I am saying is, this is not the choice of the majority leader. It is the choice of the Congressional Budget Office.
Bull.Shit. Reid and the other slimy little buggers don't have to wait for the CBO report to tell everyone else what's in this sack of garbage they want us to swallow: they don't WANT to tell us. If they could they'd ram it through with NO details being released.

Durbin is a liar. Durbin is helping Reid hide what he's doing(you really believe he has no idea what Reid's stuck in this now?), and is blaming the CBO for it being 'secret'.

Liar, liar, your pants SHOULD be set on fire.

And, speaking of gutless bastards who want to hide what they're doing...

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