Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, bloody HELL, if this is how base commanders think

then the Army is screwed:

If I'm a Soldier exercising my Second Amendment right, I'm apparently now considered a terrorist by the powers that be.

Last time I checked military members are military members 24/7.

Last time I checked they should be proficient with their tools.

Last time I checked, firearms are the tools of a Soldier.

Last time I checked, Nidal Hasan walked onto a military base, carrying a weapon and killed a dozen Soldiers and civilians. His weapon wasn't registered. I guess we're allowed to call him a terrorist now? The PC ban on calling that camel fucking scumbag a terrorist is over?
Oh, of COURSE not; the politicians in uniform won't stand for that! But calling a serving troop who doesn't register a personal firearm a terrorist? Well, that's just fine!

Which makes the politicians in uniform fit right in with DHS and Napolitano

Pointed to by War on Guns

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Anonymous said...

Gee, thats funny, I thought Brady2 forbade any arm the Fedgov from forming a gun registry list. Last I checked, the army is part of the gubbiment aint it?