Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ref the problem with the .380 snap caps,

finally remembered to get out the caliper and do some measuring. The diameter of the rim was the same on the caps and on some randomly-selected .380 cases, .370 to .373". For thickness I set the caliper along the taper of the case to the extractor groove, and got a difference. The snap caps measure right at .034, the cases fell right around .042".

So I'm guessing the thinner rim let the extractor of this pistol slip over instead of grabbing.

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GuardDuck said...

Hmmm, A-zoom prides themselves on 'precision'. I bet if you contacted them, they'd send you a replacement set. Especially if you mention that you'd blogged about them not working right in the first place.

If not there's always the red plastic one's offered by Armsport. Those are the type I've always used, if I wasn't working with homemade dummy's.