Monday, December 14, 2009

I have to disagree with something Kaus wrote: this isn't a once in a lifetime chance for Democrats to guarantee health care for every citizen;

this is a once in a lifetime chance for the government to seize control of our health care; BIG difference.

I'm about at the point that if this monstrosity is passed in any form, we should all visit DC and start dragging people out of those taxpayer-supplied offices. And at least some of them should be introduced to tar & feathers. Not only for the piece of crap they're trying to force onto us, but for the followup they plan:
Then Democrats in both houses could, at their leisure, consider a second mop-up bill to modify what they'd just done--happily milking lobbyists for everything they've got for months, even years. But the default, the baseline, would be victory.
"Nothing counts except as it's good for the Party, and the Party will get even richer from this!"

Maybe instead of the T&F, we should take some ropes along for some of these people...

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