Friday, December 18, 2009

On the 15-22 saga, got some information in comments from Bullseye

First, as many of you are very aware, the magazine of a semi-auto can cause more problems than sometimes believed: on that subject, this link has some information.

The ejection problem: he found this video showing one way to fix it yourself.

I've got one magazine that occasionally winds up with a round sticking up vertically with the rim stuck in the feed lips; the others have always fed just fine. Like with anything else, you can get a mag with a problem.

On the ejector, I thought of messing with it myself, but didn't for two reasons:
First, in case it was something unusual, wanted S&W to be aware of it(turns out that wasn't a problem), and
Second, the damn thing was new and this should have been caught before it left the factory, so I wanted them to fix it.
I should add one more: I could just see breaking the ejector and then having to return it...

I will warn that Bullseye's site is about as Unsafe for Work as you can get, so be warned; he's over here.


Chad said...

My buddy picked up one for his son (13yo) the other day. They love the feel and how it handles. At about the 100 round count, his son yelps as he fires it from a powder burn to his hand. Seems it fired a round before it went into full battery. He immediately took it back to the shop, and it's on its way back to S&W. They say he'll probably get a completely new rifle.

Firehand said...

I should know better by now than to buy something before it's been out a year.