Friday, December 18, 2009

Now we're back to a new edition of Idiots in Black Robes: Judge Arthur Tilson

This time, it's legally-embattled Jon's turn to man the guns, and it looks like it's gotten him into hot water, per's "Judge Bars Guns At Jon Gosselin House":

Judge Arthur Tilson issued the court order Thursday in Norristown, Pa., after Jon Gosselin was photographed on Wednesday in Wernersville, Pa., shooting a .38 pistol on his property.

The judge also ordered Gosselin to register his pistol at a new address in Pennsylvania within 90 days.

Some slight problems with the judges' order, like there is no registration law in PA. And other problems. And when he called the judge to ask what rationale or law authorized the order. I told the lady who answered the phone who I was and why I was calling, and she replied (drumroll):

"I'm sorry, I do not wish to comment on it."

Translation: "The judge is a moron and has no wish to further point out that he's a moron."

Read the whole thing.

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