Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Speaker "I get all the airplanes I want, or else!" Pelosi

and all her little buttmonkeys are spending $300,000 of our money(absolute minimum; if they actually take the FIVE planes word leaked about, multiply that, PLUS the time of all the flight and ground crew people and their costs while over there) to go play Saviours of the World in Copenhagen.

"Most waste-cutting and ethical Congress EVAH!" Just that tax-cheat Rangel being along would screw that, even without all the rest.

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Unknown said...

Yup.   Pelosi has no problem using the military to jet herself and her despicable collegues to places, near and far (next up, Cophenhagan).   But when it comes to funding our troops?   You know, those folks putting their lives on the line for the rest of us in far away places like Afganastan?   Forget-about-it!   Pelosi and her ilk are just not interested.   She/they are truly pathetic.