Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The People's Republic of MA is not a good place

to raise kids, it seems. "Blindly follow the rules" seems to be the top accomplishment of their school weenies, especially the morons so many of the teachers seem to be.
A Taunton father is outraged after his 8-year-old son was sent home from school and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after drawing a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The father said he got a call earlier this month from Maxham Elementary School informing him that his son, a second-grade student, had created a violent drawing. The image in question depicted a crucified Jesus with Xs covering his eyes to signify that he had died on the cross. The boy wrote his name above the cross.
The student drew the picture shortly after taking a family trip to see the Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, a Christian retreat site in Attleboro. He made the drawing in class after his teacher asked the children to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas, the father said.

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Windy Wilson said...

So, your child can now get into trouble with the school if he
makes a "gun" by extending his index finger, makes a gun out of bread, draws a picture of a gun, brings little green army men to school, and now, draws (excuse me, sketches) a representation of Christ on the cross. I suppose drawing an empty cross would be the equivalent of drawing a picture of a loaded gun.

Maybe he really got into trouble because Christ on the cross belongs with Easter.