Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 'Justice' System of Philadelphia

Remember the bit in this post Friday on the guy who dared defend himself and girlfriend from a jerk who turned out to be related to cops? Well, it gets even worse:
Eight days later, on April 13, Westberry was surprised to see Eberhart and two special agents with the state Attorney General's Gun Violence Task Force at his front door. They asked to see his guns. An avid gun collector, Westberry had 40 guns, all legal, all registered and all locked up.

"I'm thinking they just want to verify the serial numbers, verify that everything I own is legit," Westberry said.

But they confiscated his guns and said that they had a warrant for his arrest.

Got that? His REGISTERED firearms were CONFISCATED as a result of this bogus arrest. Because the dude who sucker-punched him was related to cops, he was put through the ringer. And because his guns were registered, they were easy pickings for an overzealous cop with an axe to grind and a badge to hide behind.

And his chances of getting his stolen property(because realistically that's what it is) back? In MA? Probably about zero.

Note: corrected this, was pointed out I messed up in originally thinking it was in the PRM.

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kahr40 said...

I agree that's really fucked up, but Cujdik and family are running wild in Philadelphia PA not the PRMA. But hey the same kind of asshats play in MA so its a natural assumption.