Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill: still a conniving dirtbag

and suckup to terrorist supporters making deals with the Brit government:
Mr Hinds calls al-Megrahi every second week. Tuesday’s call was the first time he had called unexpectedly, and the first time he had been unable to speak to him. Al-Megrahi knew Mr Hinds was going to call back yesterday.

Sceptics also asked how al-Megrahi was well enough to take yesterday’s call when he had been too sick to do so less than 24 hours earlier. Some politicians and victims’ relatives doubt al-Megrahi was as sick as Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Minister, claimed when he released him
So they're pretending to check in on this bastard, and pretending his still being alive is 'amazing'.

And, as Drew says, In somewhat related news, the 270 people this animal killed are still dead.

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