Friday, January 08, 2016

Well, this'll have the usual suspects up in arms

Cologne is a small case study for scenarios playing out all over Europe. It is a story repeated at Calais, across Germany and into France. And in African and Arabic countries where sexual violence is the norm.

The Guardian feminazis are caught in a monumentally difficult place, their usual outrage over victim-blaming for rape kicked quietly into touch so that they can tiptoe quietly around the issue of race and culture.

And in this difficult space, in the pressure cooker of Europe, things are on a knife edge.

As borders are sealed, people are contained into ever-tighter spaces, news is suppressed and truths are locked down.

There is no air left for even the screams of assaulted German girls to be heard in their own country where the Merkel government has ruthlessly managed coverage of its catastrophic decision to let in a million migrants at a stroke.
This could be the day we say it all started: New Year’s Eve 2015.

Brussels cancelled their fireworks. Paris cancelled theirs, too. France deployed 60,000 troops nationwide and London cancelled all leave for armed personnel and deployed them on our streets.

And the police forces of Cologne lied about the violence in their city, said the night passed off peacefully and later blamed the women for their rape.

Europe turned on its own and the medieval instincts of a migrant culture won.

Perhaps we will look back in 2016 and acknowledge this was the moment when civil war in Europe became a real possibility.
I'd argue with the last; it's more like 'many realized at last'.


taminator013 said...

We need to start a new Christian sect where "jihad" against muzzies is encouraged. Convert or die, mooslimes........................

Thud said...

Its messed up over here and i'm not sure which way it will go but i'm making preparations for the future that involves lots of bad stuff.