Saturday, January 09, 2016

So the .gov and the cops both screwed the pooch bigtime,

and the media helped.  Because PC.
I don't know if these idiots realize it, but this crap by them is far more likely to push people into doing really hard things.  Because if you KNOW the authorities won't act, and the media will lie to you, why shouldn't you act?

So, according to the University of Missouri, trying to prevent someone from covering an event, to the extent of calling for muscle to throw them out, is 'free speech'.  Wonderful, isn't it?

Few years ago Tim Blair reported about some Australian media making a point of not reporting a fairly critical part of the description of criminals being sought: their skin color.  When it was pointed out that that was a rather important piece of information("Why the hell would you want someone to think that dark-skinned guy over there might be him when the crook was a pale-skinned redhead?"), the defense was 'We are not racist!'

No, you're just friggin' stupid.

Which brings me to the matter at hand:
The mainstream media in Germany has, until recently, toed the Government line; a top public broadcaster, ZDF, recently refused to run a segment about a rape case on its prime-time ‘crime-watch’ show because the ‘dark-skinned’ suspect was a migrant.

The programme’s editor defended her decision, saying: ‘We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread a bad mood. The migrants don’t deserve it.’
Same kind of brainless PC idiocy.  Which makes me wonder: do these fools not realize just how THAT winds up inflaming the situation?  If you find out the authorities would rather play the game than, say, try to catch and jail rapists no matter skin color/national origin/etc., and that the media will lie to you, either flatly or by omission, that's going to make things worse.  And that's a really bad thing to do.  Once more borrowing from Tam,
The EUtopians may seem all soft, docile, and toothless right now, but the recent immigrant welfare sponge class is playing with fire here. Euros have a proven zero-to-jackboots time lower than just about anybody on the planet. Get Gunter or Pierre all backed into a corner and feeling existentially threatened and you'll be wishing you hadn't, faster than you can say "Arbeit Macht Frei".

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Phelps said...

The Sons of Odin have begun patrolling the streets in Finland. The Apocalypse has begun, and I can't say it is a day too soon.