Monday, January 04, 2016

A contribution to the 'cultural appropriation' crap:

Corn starch and corn syrup are two of the most deleterious of food additives that wind up in everything. Who is to blame for both? Was the world a healthier place without this toxic New World gift of corn? Did anyone have a peanut allergy before Columbus? Did Jack Daniels incapacitate us before indigenous peoples brought us corn?

For that matter, did pre-Columbian and pre-Magellan British or French smoke, snort cocaine, gulp addictive coffee and teas, pour sugar on their food, or eat fatty potatoes before non-European tribes hooked them on these sometimes deadly food and recreational habits? Were not bathing suits modest before the contamination of bikinis?

Who gave us incense-driven allergies? Is there much evidence that syphilis was epidemic in Europe before Columbus? There certainly seems no evidence for it in Greek and Roman medical texts.

Can we hunt back promiscuous indigenous Patient Zero on the basis of fossilized DNA?

Female privilege in sexual assault.  Anyone doubt that a guy who did this would be UNDER the jail?

Speaking of privilege, some common troop, or clerk, or anyone else who treated classified data this way would've been in jail by now.  But the Empress, oh no...
The content of the Hillary Clinton e-mails released New Year’s Eve doesn’t matter nearly so much as what the State Department held back: It found 275 of the messages to contain classified info — in two cases, “Secret” information.

The total so far is 1,274 classified e-mails, debunking Clinton’s claims that she never sent or received such info on the account run from the private, unsecured server in her home.

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