Wednesday, January 06, 2016

This a pretty good piece on the rape problem with a lot of Islamic refugees/immigrants/

invaders.  But it has this sentence which rather pisses me off:
But if even the New York Times felt compelled to devote an article to what happened in Cologne even those who have deplored the anti-immigrant tone of many American politicians in recent years...
There's damn few people who're anti-immigrant; there are a lot who're anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant.  And idiots who keep insisting that the two are the same are part of the reason why the situation between left and right gets so nasty.

And while The Lightbringer is bringing on fake tears and banging on gun owners, the Norks have once again pissed on the treaty.

Which is a good indication of what to expect from Iran and the treaty-by-another-name Obama is so desperate for.

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