Monday, January 04, 2016

THIS is what the 'Constitutional Scholar' in the Oval Office came up with?

His strike at the evil NRA(and every member and gun owner in any way associated with it, but he won't admit that in public)?
So this is not to be part of any rule change, but merely a policy decision to prosecute “gun dealers, hobbyists and collectors,” under the “new guidance.” Rather than change the rule, they will use the current vague rule to send “hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.” Though, in this case, it’s not mere harassment, but an intent to imprison.
They know if they don’t put the dampers on the growing gun culture, their dream of destroying the Second Amendment will never be realized.
Brought to you by the same asshole who made sure Holder and ATF got away with Fast & Furious.  Because them smuggling guns to the cartels for political purposes is fine, but someone selling a gun because they need some cash is a CRIME!!

Mr. Williamson's opinion here.  It includes, from Bookface,
If Zer0 the Fuckup actually consulted with anyone before making these statements, they're incompetent and we shouldn't be paying their wages. If he didn't, he proves yet again that his law degree is worthless and he can't pretend to be a "constitutional scholar." I've met 5th graders with better grasp.

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Phelps said...

It also appears that the BATFU, in their attempt to close the "NFA Trust" loophole has decided that everyone has to have a background check and fingerprints... but forgot to keep the chief law enforcement signoff provision in.

So now, they've closed the "loophole" by removing the main reason that people were using the "loophole" in the first place. Oh no, they've thrown us in a briar patch!