Thursday, January 07, 2016

Geez, Jorge Ramos is such a racist and bigot...

Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos lays out what he expects from politicians of Hispanic ethnic origin in his most recent opinion column for Fusion. Having cast aside all journalistic pretense, Ramos accuses those who do not toe the line on immigration of being traitors to their ethnic origins.

Let's see... the mayor of at least one city has admitted its town centre was now a 'no-go area for women, lots of horrible crap happening, but the REAL crime to be dealt with is 'hate speech'.  Right.

And this: Stefan K├Ârner, chairman of Germany’s liberal Pirate Party, argued that democracies “must be able to bear” a measure of xenophobia.  Does this idiot actually know what the definition of that word is?

Short version:
Obama wants to remove the stigma of mental illness, while stigmatizing mental illness.

They used thoroughly debunked statistics from Bloomberg to justify it.

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