Friday, January 08, 2016

So Obama attended a town hall, and got a few actual QUESTIONS.

He didn't seem to like it much.  And said the idea that he wants to confiscate guns is a 'conspiracy theory'.

Ok, Mr. President, let's go over this one more time:
When you've repeatedly said that you don't think people should be allowed to own guns, when you've backed all kinds of registration/licensing/confiscation schemes, when you've spoken very approvingly of the 'Australian and British models' which both involved CONFISCATION, when you've spoken approvingly of the model of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, for Vishnu's sake... for people to not trust you when you say "Oh, no, I don't want to take your guns!" is not part of a conspiracy theory: it's paying attention. Whether you like it or not.

And there was your old friend Snuffy Pfleger, the priest who's called for people who run gun shops to be killed, well, that crap doesn't help, either.

Let's see, you told a rape victim 'I'm not doing anything to make it harder for you to buy a gun.'
EXCEPT: she's in therapy. Under YOUR action, her therapist would have to report that, which would- under YOUR action- make it illegal for her to own a gun. You lying bastard.


Reason has a piece on just why people don't trust him on this.  It ends with
If the idea that "Obama's trying to take away your guns" is an "imaginary fiction," it's not because he does not want to take away your guns. It's because political and legal realities prevent him from doing so. But for anyone who cares about the right to armed self-defense, the understanding that Obama does not like guns and reads the Second Amendment so narrowly that it has no practical meaning colors everything he does or proposes in this area. When he talks about "universal background checks," for example, you have to wonder how that requirement could be enforced without a national gun registry, a prerequisite for the sort of mass confiscation that Obama has repeatedly praised. That's not paranoia; that's logic.

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