Sunday, January 03, 2016

That news story about the takeover of the wildlife refuge headquarters?

Lot more information here.
I'd have to say the short version is "Abusive, power-hungry, truth-disabled bureaucrats, prosecutors and judges do what they do.  Which resulted in this."

If the Justice Department was worth of the name there would've been various FWS, Park Service, US attorneys and a judge fired and prosecuted over this crap.


Anonymous said...

Throwing this into the mix. I am a member of a Prep group here in Colorado, and we have a strong contingent of Oathkeepers in our group, including some who normally do respond to situations such as this. That includes the miners up in Oregon, and the Bundy Ranch. Yesterday morning they briefed us at the meeting [to be honest, we had not heard of the Hammond case] as to what had happened till then [this is before the building was seized] and why they were not there.

The Hammond family was offered support by Oathkeepers and declined. They intend to fight this through the courts, which is their right and choice. Stewart Rhodes, who heads Oathkeepers passed the word for Oathkeepers to stand down in this matter, as have most Constitutional Militias.

After Bundy Ranch, I had the honor of meeting and having lunch with one of the 3% leaders there. He described a number of incidents, one of which involved supposed “militia” people who were trying to provoke violent confrontation with the Federales and had to be sat on a few times. Their actions seemed to be coordinated with things the Federales were doing. According to the Oathkeepers at our meeting, many of the same people have turned up at Hammond Ranch. They claim past military and current militia affiliation that is . . . questionable. Not all, but some of those there.

Note please that I support the Hammonds, and have the deepest respect for the Bundy family.

I, personally, think the provocateurs noted above are actively working for DHS. If anything happens, it is probably a false flag by the regime. I suspect strongly that their immediate goal is to create incidents and an atmosphere supporting the decrees against the Second Amendment that Buraq Hussein says he is going to issue next week.

If anything happens, investigate before drawing conclusions.

UPDATE: The Hammond Family has just announced that the “militia” holding the BLM building are NOT affiliated with them. That, along with reports that they are moving children into the building makes me believe even more strongly that this is a Federal false flag. I think the Feds want another Waco, dead kids and all.

Subotai Bahadur

Firehand said...

Do you mind if I quote this?