Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Every prosecutor who took part, and every judge

who signed these warrants, should be disbarred, then prosecuted.

Every cop supervisor who signed off on these 'break in in the dark' raids should be fired.  From what I've read of the raids, there's a bunch of cops who should be fired as well.

Any politician connected to this should be removed from office and prosecuted.  This is a level of bullshit that should NEVER have occurred.

Speaking of asshole politicians, anyone else sick of these clowns thinking the law is something the peasants should have to follow, but 'We're SPECIAL!'?

Especially such corrupt, lying bastards as Reid.
Also at issue is the claim by Reid's team that his status as a longtime leader, and long career in Congress, gives him a special rights to the money.

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prairie gopher said...

this is only further proof that the "rule of law" is dead in the USA. You have a dictatorial government aided by a media who do not deserve the title "journalists"