Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sparkman Middle School, Alabama

Why some parents haven't cleaned out the staff by some horrible means, I do not know.
Staff trying to stop reported sexual abuse were told they needed evidence - so they used the girl as 'bait' but then forgot about her, a lawsuit claims.

A 14-year-old special needs pupil was raped in her school toilets after teachers set up a trap to catch an alleged sexual abuser by using her as 'bait' - but then forgot about her.
How many were fired for this, or otherwise disciplined?

Oh, excuse me, a teachers AIDE was 'placed on leave and later resigned'.  Nasty, wasn't it?

And the crowning glory is this statement from the principal, Ronnie Blair, who tried to get elected County Superintendent:
"It's a sad situation. At the same time, I feel very comfortable with the way the situation was handled. That's about all I can say."
That's because you're a miserable little shit who belongs in the unemployment line.  Forever.  Every jerk involved in this does, but you really deserve more.  Like about fifty lashes for that statement alone.

Bet he insists the public schools are the best place for kids to be, too.

I'm going to stop now before I wind up damaging keys.


Anonymous said...

If I were that girl's parent, everyone involved would burn!

Windy Wilson said...

I saw a movie about something just similar enough to bring it up in this comment. It starred Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke.