Thursday, September 25, 2014

That Eleanor Holmes Norton is a clown goes without saying;

that she thinks the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply in DC says other nasty things about her.
...setting up a temporary “may-issue” permitting scheme.

Under the legislation, guns are not allowed near Congress. Guns are outlawed within 1,000 feet of any foreign dignitary or high-ranking federal official. They are also banned near the White House in Northwest Washington, in an area bound by Constitution Avenue, H Street and 15th and 17th streets, and on most federal property, including the Capitol grounds. The law puts into place many other requirements and restrictions.
“I regret that a New York federal district court senior judge, sitting here by designation, overturned the District’s longstanding carry ban, even though the ruling was not compelled by Supreme Court or D.C. Circuit Court case law,” Norton said in a statement. “If any Member of Congress has nothing to do but to try to block or overturn this local legislation, I am prepared to take him on and suggest things to keep him busy.”
Well, we regret that you're a nasty little tyrant-minded jerk, but there you are.

About what I figured: they passed something as restrictive and idiotic as possible, and they're hoping that A: the Democrats in Congress will protect them and B: they can drag it out in court even further.

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Jesse in DC said...

As a reluctant resident of DC, let me tell you, Elanor Holmes (Spider Monkey) Norton is a rascist ignorant corrupt Twunt. She is against any sort of personal freedom, hates white citizens with a passion, and she is on tape someplace soliciting a bribe...What a fine representative of the people. And DC wants to be a state.