Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video from the SWATting at Beavercreek

at Bearing Arms
At no later than 8:26:56—less than three seconds before the officer sets himself up to pie the corner—it is apparent that Crawford has already been struck with two bullets and is reacting to being shot.
While shots and later shouts can be heard on the audio, there is nothing that captures the sound of police officers shouting at Crawford to drop the BB gun as they claim they did, nothing to indicate that Crawford knew officers were nearby, and no time for him to respond before the shots where fired in any event.

The officers aren't going to be charged(I'm tempted to say 'of course').  I'm pissed at the whole damn thing, and that miserable little shit who caused it with his "He's loading!  He's aiming at people!" call should be in a cell.  Or dragged into the street and flogged.

Miguel says he doesn't blame the officers, Not a whole lot of time, but this was not a situation to be screwing around.  Except because they didn't 'screw around' a man doing nothing but looking at a BB gun and talking on the phone is dead.

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tkdkerry said...

I feel the same rage. And as frequently as I agree with Miguel, it looks like he's way off on this one.