Thursday, September 25, 2014

"If you've got a dick, you're wrong"

is the sign Sean says(on Bookface) should be put up at universities to short-circuit the bullshit.

Which bullshit is that, you ask?
The university has updated its domestic violence policy to include “withholding sex and affection” as well as “discounting a partner's feelings” as examples of abuse.
Under these new definitions, psychological or emotional abuse can include almost anything; even something as simple as a minor argument between partners can classify as discounting a partner's feelings in the right light. The lack of concrete detail in the definition leaves close to anything eligible to be called abuse.
This is the bullshit people are paying to get to deal with.  This is what guys are going to be threatened with.  For a while the advice from some was "Don't date or hook-up in college unless you record it."  Now that won't even help.  "See!  He pushed me away!  It was hurtful, I tell you!"

And the same idiots pushing this crap wonder why more guys don't want to commit.  or expose themselves in any way to the threats.

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Anonymous said...

Heinlein looks more prescient every year.

"The Crazy Years?" We're living in 'em.