Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Well, yes, the beheadings and slavery are all very bad,

but we really have to worry about those anti-muslim right-wing people!"
A bunch of jihadi-minded Brits could hold a double-beheading in front of Nelsons' statue, and these idiots would whine about how the real concern was 'anti-muslim hate crimes' or something...

This just in: wood is combustible.  Enviroweenies hardest hit.

Is Mommies Demand a hate group?  Yes.

Another fine demonstration of "But this is reporting we don't WANT to do, things we don't WANT people to know about!"

Robert Kennedy Jr.: fine demonstration of 'Scratch a leftist and a fascist bleeds'.

Reading this, I don't see a real reason for a 'dynamic entry' raid.  Especially with kids in there.  And they apparently found nothing.  But hey, what's one grandma with a bullet hole compared to all the cops going home?

And take note of this wording from the original article:
“During the execution of this (federal search) warrant, one of the officer’s weapons discharged,” reads a statement issued by Attorney General Joseph Foster.
Not 'a suspect was shot and wounded', but one of the officer’s weapons discharged.  Makes you wonder if Officer Dumbass of the SWAT team was running in with finger on trigger.  Or they don't want to admit Officer Jones shot at someone picking up a kid.

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markm said...

OF COURSE officer dumbass was running in with his finger on the trigger. Guns do not go off if you keep your finger off the trigger.