Monday, September 22, 2014

What? Corruption and other problems with wind farms?

Who'd have thought such things(shut up and put your hands down, I know you did)?
When a project is installed, the first step is to "dismantle" the area, a process through which all surrounding vegetation is eliminated. This means the destruction of plants and sessilities - organisms that do not have stems or supporting mechanisms - and the slow displacement over time of reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, arachnids, fungi, etc. Generally we perceive the macro scale only, that is to say, the large animals, without considering the small and even microscopic organisms...
....After the construction is finalized, the indirect impact continues in the sense that ecosystems are altered and fragmented. As a result, there is a larger probability of their disappearance, due to changes in the climate and the use of soil.
There is abundant information about the harm caused by the sound waves produced by wind turbines. These sound waves are not perceptible to the human ear, which makes them all the more dangerous. They are also low frequency sound waves and act upon the pineal and nervous systems, causing anxiety, depression (there is a study from the United States that found an elevated suicide rate in regions with wind farms), migraines, dizziness and vomiting, among other symptoms.
But the wind turbine operators are able to get away with it because the system is so corrupt.

What happens is absolute corruption. I have to admit that generally there are "agreements" behind closed doors between the consultants or research centers and the government offices before the studies are conducted.


Anonymous said...

I'm still a little confused over this. I always figured that wind/solar/hydro/geothermal would be next on the chopping block because reducing humanity to starving and freezing in the dark has always been the 'environmentalists' goal. But I had assumed they would have waited until they had crippled more conventional energy infrastructure before they started tearing down the 'renewables'

Firehand said...

I guess some of the 'protect the animals' people didn't get the memo.

Or actually care more about preventing some damage than about following the approved order.

Read something earlier today on the subject of 'whack each energy source as it becomes affordable' strategy, I'll see if I can find it.