Sunday, September 21, 2014

What? A program that allows the government to steal

is being misused?  Who could have foreseen such a thing...

Anybody not an idiot, that's who.
As two people who were heavily involved in the creation of the asset forfeiture initiative at the Justice Department in the 1980s, we find it particularly painful to watch as the heavy hand of government goes amok. The program began with good intentions but now, having failed in both purpose and execution, it should be abolished.

Asset forfeiture was conceived as a way to cut into the profit motive that fueled rampant drug trafficking by cartels and other criminal enterprises, in order to fight the social evils of drug dealing and abuse. Over time, however, the tactic has turned into an evil itself, with the corruption it engendered among government and law enforcement coming to clearly outweigh any benefits.
And never in your fevered imaginations could you see this 'Steal it under color of law' crap being misused?  Then you're too damn stupid to have anything to do with making law.

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