Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You might remember me asking about a tub spout

and getting the damn thing off.  I thought I'd mention the end of that.

I used the dremel and cutoff wheels to get an access window; sure enough, screwed on, but whatever they'd used as pipe dope had turned into adhesive.  GOOD adhesive.  So enlarged the window and started nibbling on the spout over the threaded section, hoping to relieve enough pressure to get it loose.  No good.  So I cut over a different section, and on, and on. 

Finally got a propane torch, adjusted the flame as low as it'd go without going out, and used it to heat that section of the spout(would've needed the access port anyway).  Heated a bit, tried, repeat, until the thing finally turned.  After which it spun right off.  So the new spout is on.

That was about a medium-level PITA.


Evyl Robot Michael said...

Sounds about like my typical plumbing project. *sigh* I'm glad to hear you've got it done.

Firehand said...

Took me long enough; tried every kind of penetrating stuff and such I could think of, and nothing touched that pipe dope. And with me worrying about breaking something and winding up calling a plumber...