Friday, September 26, 2014

Leftists really don't like it when you point out it was two socialist countries

dividing Europe up between them.  Doesn't fit the narrative of 'Hitler bad, Stalin good'.
It suited Western Leftists, during and after the War, to argue that Hitler had been uniquely evil, certainly wickeder than Stalin. It was thus necessary to forget the enthusiasm with which the two tyrants had collaborated.
... To be sure, there were some in Moscow, and a few more in Berlin, who believed that there must eventually come a reckoning with their “real” enemy. But theirs were minority voices. Many more gladly went along with the idea that the two socialist systems were joined in battle against “decadent Anglo-Saxon liberalism”.
Just like socialists really don't like it when you point out Hitler & Co. were socialists.  They get downright upset when you do.

Speaking of socialists,
Comrade Mayor Kills Groundhog!
Film at 11!

This just in: Rosie O'Donald still a farging idiot.

Hey, Arizona, you know what a dirtbag Fred Duval is?

First-world problems on worldwide display:
1. She was called “bossy” as a child; 2. She was sexualized by the media as a young movie star; 3. Many of her girlfriends quit their sports teams because they didn’t want to grow muscles; 4. Many of her teenage male friends, being teenage males, were unable to express their feelings.
Oh, the horrors!

Remember a short time ago, the idiot whining about white females belly dancing?  She responded to her critics, and I think you can pick out the word that demonstrates she's a fucking idiot:
Guys in the Washington Post and the Atlantic wrote whitesplanations about how cultural mixing is a good thing; other men on racist blogs called me a moron.
Ok, bozo, any time you try using a made-up word like '(fill in the blank)planations' to shut people up, you're a bigoted fool.  At the least.  And so many like you have used 'racist' as a club to try and shut people up, we ignore it.  So go piss up a rope.

Homemade revolvers in South America.  Including shotguns.

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