Friday, November 22, 2013

Aside from the "You people owe us payof- ah, Compensation!" bullcrap,

this contains one more reason I need to make it to Australia:
Australian diplomats have also thrown a wrench into the negotiations, as poor countries and activists accused them of not taking the talks seriously. The country did not even send high-ranking officials to the UN summit, saying that they would be busy repealing the country’s contentious carbon tax.

“They wore T-shirts and gorged on snacks throughout the negotiation. That gives some indication of the manner they are behaving in,” said a spokeswoman for the Climate Action Network.
You can't hear it, but I'm laughing my ass off.


Sendarius said...

Come on down!

Make it to the west coast, and the beer's on me.

Firehand said...

Time and money, time and money... if I can work those out, I'll take you up on that