Saturday, November 23, 2013

Now THAT is a gift list!

Not that fond of the Gerber knives, but everything else?  Yowza; I'd like a lot of that stuff myself.

If you need some milsurp 8mm, here's something for you; if I had the spare cash right now, I'd get a can.

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Gerry N. said...

Re: the Terrible Mom's gift list.

During my childhood I got 90% of the stuff on her list. I also got .22 shells, black powder, a Savage M19 Single Shot .22 pistol when I was 13, knives, axes, chemistry sets with chemicals in them. Rocket kits with rocket motors that actually burned. Real tools that actually cut and sliced wood, pinched things and drilled holes. And untold amounts of fishing and camping gear to boot.

Not the sissy nanny state approved crap that's on the market now.

I gave my son pretty much the same things, except that chemistry sets were impossible to find. When he was six he got a cap gun set with a real leather belt and leather holsters. It had caps so loud they sounded like real gunfire. His teachers were so happy for him that tears ran down their legs when they found out. Wha? Waidda kot dam minnit! You mean that wasn't tears?


Gerry N.