Sunday, March 18, 2012

Congratulations, Chrysler, you've just made sure I'll never

buy one of your cars.

Friend is a mechanic. Earlier today told me that, beginning in 2013, Chrysler automatic transmissions will have the software that operates them embedded in a module in the transmission itself. And if you disconnect the battery, or it dies on you, you can reconnect it or put in a new one and the engine will start; but until you get it to a Chrysler dealer to have the module reprogrammed, you're not going anywhere.

Just think of all the levels of 'Fail' involved in this.


Anonymous said...

Just think of the possibilities for sabotage - cut the battery cables on your target's car, and he is anchored for as long as it takes him to get another car.

Sigivald said...

I suspect friend was misinformed, unless there's independent confirmation.

Because that's too insanely stupid even for Chrysler to do; even car company executives know that batteries die and that customers will call for blood if it causes a bricked car.

(About the power loss bricking it, that is - that they have a transmission control unit is not new, nor is it new that it's sometimes in the tranny itself.)

Firehand said...

Well, he works at at GM dealership, and this was in the "Get ready for the new stuff" training he's taking right now; so either something in the information they're giving him is incorrect, or they ARE stupid enough to think this a good idea.