Monday, March 19, 2012

So Chicago cops have the same respect for that Constution thing

that Obama does...
The two were covering the fatal shooting of a six-year old girl and, though they were already across the street, the officer demanded they go another street over.

“F*** news affairs, I don’t care about news affairs. Forget news affairs,” he said.

When the journalists spoke to their rights, the officer replied, “Your first amendment rights can be terminated, if you’re creating a scene, or whatever. Your first amendment rights have limitations.”

After the journalists responded, “how have we created a scene? This is what we do for a living,” the officer replied, “Your presence is creating a scene.”
'Terminated', that's a real interesting word choice, isn't it?


Captain Tightpants said...

And yet some cops wonder why the media gets antagonistic with us...

The only thing I have ever asked (NOT told, asked) media to do was not to film me or my guys doing actual bomb procedures. Don't mind them getting shots of the scene, the robot etc - but I request that they not show details of how we do things. Courteously & respectfully. And I've never had a problem.

And, if someday one refuses, as long as it's not a legitimate safety issue - I won't do a thing to stop him.

Windy Wilson said...

I thought there were SCOTUS First Amendment cases that held that merely being present wasn't provocation, that to take that position was to endorce the heckler's veto, so the police had to protect unpopular protestors and soapbox speakers.