Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's start the day with global warmening idiots who want to genetically modify

the human race to end globular warmering.
In this article, Atlantic correspondent Ross Andersen ably interviews S. Matthew Liao, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University. Liao and his philosopher co-authors have a forthcoming paper in the journal Ethics, Policy & Environment that proposes genetic engineering and other “biomedical modifications” of body function for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
It's hard to pick a single bit to excerpt from this, there's so much WTF?!? here. I'll use this one:
“Andersen: Taking a look at this from the perspective of deep ecology — is there something to be said for the idea that because climate change is human caused, that humans ought to be the ones that change to mitigate it — that somehow we ought to be bear the cost to fix this? Liao: That was actually one of the ideas that motivated us to write this paper, the idea that we cause anthropogenic climate change, and so perhaps we ought to be bear some of the costs required to address it.” In short, just when you thought hair shirts and self-flagellation were so 1270 A.D., Liao and company are proposing genetic modification as sin expiation — a kind of self-mortification of the bodies of current and future generations.

While back someone I know posted something along the lines of "Republicans are worried, because studies show women don't want to vote for idiots who hate women." I replied that "Well, they had no problem voting for a drunken abuser named Kennedy and his equally abusive friend time after time, so that shouldn't actually be a problem." No response.

An opinion on the 'war on women 'cause you don't want to pay for our rubbers and pills' bullcrap; let's say she's not a fan.

"It's ok for leftists to be violent, because We're Right!"

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