Monday, March 19, 2012

"He was cooperating and talking a lot

and giving up a lot," he said. "From an investigative standpoint, that's pretty good information you're getting. Maybe he can hook you into even bigger fish."
Yeah, he 'talked and gave up a lot' just long enough for ATF to give him a phone number and turn him loose. After which, surprise! SURPRISE!!, he disappeared.

This Gunwalker mess combines such levels of idiocy and/or corruption, I'm sick to death of finding out more about it.

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Windy Wilson said...

These BATF- men had to come up with some prettified reason they could sell to the higher-ups as to why they let a suspect against whom they had enough evidence to bring charges go on his own recognizance and the promise to return.
Such comments remind me of the "prettying up" of pilot reports to fall trippingly onto the ears of the top brass. My favorite from the Korean War was, "Prevailing weather conditions, ranging from marginal to unacceptable caused the flight leader to seek out alternative targets to fulfill his mission objectives", which was reportedly based on the pilot saying "I couldn't find the damn bridge so I dropped my bombs in the sea."