Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sen. Constance Johnson(D: big surprise, huh?) is one of the idiots and gun bigots

we have to deal with in this state. When the Senate passed Senate Bill 1733, this is what she came out with:
Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, said there are too many potential adverse outcomes that could happen as a result of the bill.

"I know boys and toys are a big deal," she said.
"I hope that girl in the Governor's Office if it gets that far will say, 'That is enough, boys,' " Johnson said
Yes, because we're obviously a bunch of children who need people like Johnson to supervise us and decide what we can be allowed to do. And note the 'girl in the office' bit; interesting coming from a Democrat and aimed at a Republican Gov.

And, of course, we had the Wild West crap come out:
In the Old West, the fastest survived — not the good. Wisdom required guns to be parked at the jail before walking to the saloon. Will a gun stay holstered after a few beers? Will our children see us as peaceful or violent citizens? We have the right to bear arms. Do we need the right to display them?
Let's see,
Illegal to drink while carrying.
Bullcrap about the West(again).
One of her other questions was Will criminals intimidate with visible guns? Well, criminals don't seem to be too shy to flash them now to intimidate, so I don't think this really counts. The rest of the letter is standard "Think of the CHILDREN!" stuff, with 'think of them' meaning "Make the scared of guns and people who own them." combined with "How can the police ever deal with this?"

You still have to have a concealed-carry permit to open carry under this law, but it is a step forward.

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