Thursday, December 10, 2009

The weather weenies were wrong, it only got down to

12 this morning. And it's already up to a comfortable(for a freakin' penguin) 17. And I need bread.

Speaking of bread, one of the things about the large Vietnamese population in OKC is there are lots of oriental markets. One of them is Cao Nguyen on Military Drive a little north of 23rd; big market, including a big butcher shop and a big bakery section. The latter being right by the entrance so you see and smell the stuff as you walk in. Mini-baguettes baked fresh all day long, pastries... Last time I was in they had some ham & cheese croissants, the ham & cheese baked in, and being hungry... Damn. I've had far worse croissants from places with reviews of "Authentic French!" and such; it was good. And the baguettes make damn good garlic bread, as well as sandwiches.

They do have a "No weapons allowed" sign on the doors, which is a pain; as usual, I wonder if they actually believe the bad guys pay attention to such?

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