Friday, December 11, 2009

Tam says 13 is cold;

well, hell YES! it is.

Remember that bit from WKRP? Johnnie Fever is announcing "And in weather, it's a balmy 17 degrees outside with a gentle wind wafting out of the north at about a thousand miles an hour."


Marja said...

Looks like we are going to go from + 1 to - 12 C in the next four days (that's about 33 to 10 Fahrenheit). Typical changes for Finland.

Keith said...

Any more global warming like this and we'll freeze to death


(freezing fog where I am, and I wish I'd made that phrase up, but I didn't)

Marja said...

One big problem with the global warming hysteria has been, from the beginning, the reaction part which seems mostly to be 'stop the change! At any price!' The world may be warming or not, that maybe-change may be man-made or not, but the fact is that climate has always been something that changes. By nature, with no interference from us. It would probably make much more sense to figure out ways to adapt to those sooner or later inevitable changes than put hell of a lot of money to maybe stop this one which may or may not even be happening.

(Besides, if it is, the medieval warm period was good for people, so presumably warm isn't that bad. And in any case, I'd rather have warm than a new cold period, like that last one with all the glaciers and stuff...).

And as to those claims that this (maybe) now happening warming is faster than the normal changes - from what I have read it seems that the last time the glaciation started the climate went from warm to very cold in a few decades. The all natural changes can happen very fast. So yeah, study more, make sure that the people studying are not forming any kind of cliques and figure out ways to deal with the changes on the long run rather than waste money and resources on reacting haphazardly now when it's not even sure that something is actually going on, and if something is much less sure what exactly and why.

Oh hell, probably the main problem is that people just want clear stories. You know, ones where you have the guys in the black hats and the guys in white hats and know exactly what is going on. And even if the lefty intellectual types accuse the less enlightened masses of exactly that they still form the same stories themselves about the world, even when they claim to know that the real world doesn't work that way. And they are mostly completely unable to see that their stories are as black and white and ultimately probably even more unreal that the cop and robbers stories they despise.

Firehand said...

It's complicated greatly by those who see this as a vehicle for seizing power; that always makes a mess of things.

That's normal for Finland this time of year? Over here in OK, it's often a roller-coaster; couple of days ago it was 12F for the low, last night 30; yesterday it didn't make it out of the 30's for the high, tomorrow it's supposed to be near 60. Things do go up & down, don't they?

Marja said...

Smallish sea, some land and then the ocean towards the west from here, a very big landmass towards the east. So yes, big and fast changes in the weather, during the winter we can go from wet and warm to Siberia-like in a few days.