Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Well, I'd not heard about this chapter of Al Gore's globular warmering past

either; I wonder why? It's a 15-page PDF document; just as a teaser,
...I have two major concerns about Mr. Gore
and his position (or perhaps “posturing” is a better word) on
global climate change and scientists who disagree with him.

1. He appears to believe that those who disagree with him are
part of some vast industry-led conspiracy, and his ego will not
entertain the thought that his opposition really is just a group
of individuals and small organizations led by people whose
motivation is something other than financial gain. Some scientists
who oppose him do receive funding from organizations
and companies that have earned Mr. Gore’s ire, and he
has tried, as he did with Ted Koppel, to smear those scientists
with guilt by association. Ironically, I think that Mr. Gore
would be first in line to defend people who are besmirched
that way by others, even if he disagreed with their opinions.

2. As his own aides have reportedly said, Gore has “a long memory.”
Like Richard Nixon, it is said that he’s a “don’t get mad,
get even” kind ofguy——witness the many scientists who have
been harassed and bullied (see chapter by Happer, this volume)
and the journalists who have been frozen out or fired

Pointed to by the Real King of France

Oh, we should also note that Al Gore is a liar. Looking like a somewhat desperate one, too.

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