Monday, December 07, 2009

I just looked at the weather for Copenhagen,

upper 30's--low 40's next couple of days. So I have a proposition:

Take away the limos.
Take away the private planes; NONE involved in any way with this meeting allowed in-country.
Take away ANYTHING except public transport, bicycles and walking.
Take away 'heatist' things like central heating.
Take away all food not grown and preserved locally. WITHOUT those nasty CFC-using refrigeration systems having been used, of course.
THEN let these hypocritical power-hungry bastards have their meeting. And if we really want to help them feel that we are the good guys, the selfless saviours, and they are the bad guys, they have to sign on to not using those things to get home, either. Or use them in their daily life. Ever again.

Of course, they wouldn't agree to any of that; after all, they're important people doing important work so they rules they want us chained to shouldn't apply to them...

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