Thursday, December 10, 2009

I may make this a running thread on the S&W Saga

This morning called Customer Service. No problem there: "We'll e-mail you a shipping label within 48 hours, just include a cover letter describing the problem." Ok, fine. But 48 hours? How long does it take to generate a label and e-mail it?

It was also impressed upon me that my mindset has become alien to most. Daughter and I used to argue about '.' in addresses: she says "Everyone calls it a dot", and I say "A dot is something in a drawing: you're writing, that makes it a period or a decimal point." So I give him the address of customer at whatever point net, and he starts to repeat it back as 'whatever p-o-i-n-t net?'
"Uh, no, a point? A period?"
"Oh, whatever DOT net, ok!"


Unknown said...

      So I give him the address of customer at whatever point net, and he starts to repeat it back as 'whatever p-o-i-n-t net?'

Trying to teach a pig to sing again, are we?   Use DOT when referring to a '.'.   Really!   It's a GEEK thing.   ;-)

Anonymous said...

Every technology has it's jargon. Just call it "dot" and go on with your life.

Hell, I'm still trying with little success to get my good buddies on gun related sites to learn the complex, arcane differences between "to, two, and too", "There, they're and their" and to stop calling removable box magazines "clips". (Just call 'em "magazines", already.) Rifles with Mannlicher magazines and the US Rifle Cal. .30 M1 use clips.

And can someone please coherently define the word "Tactical" and explain why two identical flashlights would be priced 1000% apart by the expedient of calling the higher priced one "tactical"? Am I missing something here, does the term "tactical" imbue the $100 flashlight with massive lethality the identical $10 version lacks; can it's beam burn through forged steel or blind an enemy pilot at 5 kilometers? Now this is a question desperately in need of an answer.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

I know it's a geek thing; but I'm stubborn.

Gerry, that's because calling it "Tactical" automatically gives it between 500-750 cool points. Which makes it far more valuable. And no, I don't know why.

Unknown said...

Firehand said...
     ... but I'm stubborn.

Yes. That goes without saying.

I for one will be interested in how this 'saga' continues since I'm contemplating picking up a M&P15-22 at some point <=(Not _DOT_!).

Firehand said...

pfhhhhhhh[/rude noise]

I seem to have some facility at picking out the one that has trouble(see 'Trailside'); I've heard of few of them having problems like mine.

On the other hand, I've heard of several shops mentioning customers have had LOTS of problems with the Colt .22 version.

This rifle has been very pleasantly accurate, and fun to shoot. I'm curious as to whether the cover letter when it gets back will again say "Upgraded to current specs" with no specifics.