Monday, December 07, 2009

Speaking of corrupt politicians like Sen. Max Baucus,

(I know, I wasn't, but just like the climate change fraud this needs to be hit again and again), it appears that Sen. Baucus shares some characteristics besides wanting to run our lives with Ted Kennedy:
You see, a decade or so ago Baucus's chief of staff, former CT congressional candidate Christine Niedermeier, accused the Senator of trying to include a physical relationship as part of her job duties. (mind you, this was right in the middle of the Senator's now lapsed marriage)
On that note, anyone really think that someone trying to bed a staffer in 1999 waited almost a decade before trying again?

It might be interesting to see if other former female Baucus staffers have landed plum jobs from his friends in the government and K Street, dontcha think? Like I said, this looks like a lifestyle for "Mad Max".

Over a decade ago, Republican Senator Bob Packwood was run out of office for exploiting his job so he could exploit women. We haven't much progress in improving the ethical standards of the Senate if people are now speculating that the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is up to the same monkey business
Montana, the ball's in your court. Or do you people approve of this dirtbag? Hell even some media weenies are noting that this being ignored is not good; if THEY think so...

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