Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh, on the MAPS election Tuesday,

less than 40% of registered voters got off their ass to vote, and the 'for' got about 52% of the votes. So we're on the hook for all that AND the maintenance costs down the road.

And the County just announced(after the election, isn't that interesting?) that yes, we WILL have to come up with more than 400 million for the jail.

And, I have to note, most of our local media didn't say squat about the Mayor's connections and other political connections to people who're going to make a lot of money off MAPS, and neither did they, so far as I know, say squat about the jail in the time leading up to the election.

WKY, KOCO and KWTV news? You suck, people. We know we can't trust you to bring a lot of this stuff up, which is why about the only thing I trust you to bring up anymore is the weather.

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